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black ear blonde ear

Once upon a time a huge tripe of cats lived in a remote village.

A river divided the village in two. Black cats lived on one bank and blonde cats lived on the other.


In summer and autumn, a black cat ruled the village and in spring and winter, a blonde cat ruled the village.


A bridge linked the two banks of the river but cats rarely used it because the two groups did not get on well with each other.

When it was the turn of the blonde cats to rule, the ruler of the black cats would say angrily, "you did not rule fairly. The black cats do not want u rule them."

The blonde cats would reply, "That is not true. Any way, our ruler is better than yours."

And the two groups would argue and shout for hours and hours.


One day a grey cat was born in the village.

It was a beautiful color but it did not look like any of the other cats.

The blonde cats and the black cats liked the grey cat.

"What a handsome cat!" said some.

"Not only handsome but clever too," said others.

"And brave," said another.


The grey cat used to cross the bridge every day to visit his friends on both sides of the river.

He would spend some nights with the black cats and some nights with the blonde cats.


The time had come to change rulers. The cats decided to chose two new ones.

"Our ruler is getting very old," said the black cats.

"So is ours," said the blonde cats.

"Why don’t we choose the grey cat to rule over all of us, black and blonde?" asked one little cat.

"Yes, why not?" said another cat. "Yes, yes," said all the cats. So the grey cat become the ruler of the village.


One day, some black cats were chasing mice to have for their breakfast. The mice ran towards the bridge.


The black cats followed the mice but the blonde cats on the other side of the bridge stood in their way.


After a long quarrel, the cats decided to go to the grey cat to ask for his advice.

"What is the problem? What is happening?" asked their grey ruler.

The cats tried to explain but they were all talking at once.

The grey cat could not understand what was wrong.

"Be quiet all of you," said the grey cat.

"I can't hear you if you all talk at the same time." The cats took no notice and continued to argue.


The grey cat waited until the cats grew tired of shouting and then he told them to do something very strange! He ordered all the cats to take off their ears and put them into a big basket. Then he told them to go home and come back in two hours.


The cats thought that it was a very odd request but they did as they were told. They took off their ears and put them into the basket.


On their way home, the cats realized they could no longer hear the sound of the mice.

The cats were afraid. How would they be able to catch mice if they had no ears and could not hear?

Two hours later, the cats hurried back.


The cats sat quietly, waiting to see what their ruler would do.

The grey cat went up to the big basket and started to pick out ears and give them to the cats.

However, he played a trick on them because he gave black ears to blonde cats and blonde ears to black cats.

Then he said, " I think you can hear me now. If you are all willing to listen to each other, we will be able to solve our problems.


Only when u can do that will be happy and able to live in peace."

"Do we have to change our ears to know how to listen?" two little cats were asking while they were leaving to play together.

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