khaled Juma
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  أعمال آخرين
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In Gaza, A grave for a girl called: Tahreer Balousha
By: Khaled Juma
Translated by: Fida shafi

An apology in advanced if I fail to translate the ironic article of my "Gizzawi" friend Khaled Juma to English! because by- distance words of mine will fail definately to capture the scene as lived, sorry. Here it goes..

"It is an invitation to everyone, without exception, including the extremist Israelis. Please, you can visit with no tickets a grave in Gaza of a girl named "Liberation Balousha".

A black horizon- It is not a metaphor. Gaza is a strange city, a daughter of a real dog, if it is only broken, life there may potentially become possible. But it is as stubborn as an ancient symbol dressed in a legend- skin to an extent it became ashamed to undress under any circumstances.

Let's keep away from staff at TV screens that bring happiness to those who hate Palestinians and grieve to those who love them. Let's keep away from speeches and calls for action and advocacy. I will not talk about the breakdown of machines in hospitals and the lack of beds for patients and lack of refrigerators for the martyrs or discuss the parents search for some of the remains of their children. The visual and audio media does that, but I have a small hole drilled irregularly in my soul that I do not know where it ends and what can be filled in order to go in life .. "liberalization Balousha"

Some might think that feeling can freeze up to certain number, and so it becomes normal to see the dead bodies of three hundred (Excuse me if the number was different when you read this article for it is a press problem, it is always late) lying down in the street or on TV screen -No Difference-. It seems you need larger number to feel again. But the massacre hits you in the eye of your eye and the soul of your soul and in the heart of your heart if you have an eye, a soul and a heart. The picture of the five girls of "Balousha" family hurts you, such as a needle in the eye. You almost forget that there are other martyrs. The stunned mother face speaks everything more than shamed words.

I found it an opportunity to encourage tourism in Gaza Strip, on the occasion of the New Year approaching whereas Jerusalem is considered the capital of Arab culture. The invitation does not exclude anyone in the world to visit the grave of the girl along with her five sisters, that is only in Gaza, please do not imitate the tradition.

It is an opportunity that suggests no hesitation for some reasons I will mention even though I am confident there are other reasons that my limited physical thinking yet is less capable to uncover.

First: this is a free invitation that requires no tickets, and it extends even to extremist Israelis and the Palestinians of the Diaspora and the Arab and Muslim nations and peace-loving people.

Second: is an opportunity for those who did not write a poem to present it at a festival in Jerusalem as the capital of Arab culture. Therefore, one can write this poem to attract the general public attention and this can guarantee a reward if submitted to a competition.

Third: The scene is very rare. Where else nowadays, you will find five sisters murdered at the same time in the same house by one missile and buried together in a single grave?

Fourth: your visit may comfort your fatigued conscience; because you certainly will put some flowers on the grave and therefore you can go back home to your countries and cities in satisfaction for who dares to say you did not perform the duty well.

Fifth: You can select one name of the five names upon which to call your new baby born for the grave contains larger names than Arab tongue enjoys.

With the given reasons mentioned, I am confident that there are other benefits of the visit when you come here. There are candidates promoted to die every second. Needless to mention, the wounded that may fall between writing this article and reading it.

As an apology, do not call anyone in Gaza for I do not know at time you read this article, if anyone would be there to respond to your call."

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